Emily Fitzgerald

I am a theatrical director and playwright. Bringing you my fresh work and take.

Featured Works

Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare

I’m currently at work adapting and doing pre-audition work for a production of Twelfth Night, opening Valentine’s Day, 2002. Featuring gender-bending casting, original live music, and multi-media elements.

And Then There Were Some

My most recent work, produced in September, 2019, was a murder mystery with multiple endings determined by audience vote. Featuring Det. Annabelle Valentine, the entire cast is comprised of characters I either created or have directed before. Written and Directed by me.

No Rescue Required

A feminist fairy tale, from August 2018. Three sister princesses, Poppy (the warrior princess); Penelope (the scholarly princess); and Persephone (the ambitious & ruthless princess). Through comedic antics they battle a dragon, defend their family, and school hapless Prince Mungo on the nature of real princesses. Also written and directed by me.

The 5 W’s on Me

I am a theatrical director who has also begun playwriting. I started life as a theater person desperately wanting to be an actor. Realizing that really wasn’t something I was particularly good at, I turned to directing and found my passion. This coming February I get to return to my roots, directing a play I didn’t write – but am adapting – Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

I write partially to have material to direct that I would want to see – and that I don’t have to pay rights for, for obvious reasons. My writing voice seems to currently be described as “vulgar, cute, & funny” which suits. I began writing in response to provocation and continue to grow and develop with each successive project. I am happily writing my next original work, Come Again No More, a horror play planned for October 2020.

I work in San Antonio, TX where I live with my husband and two Yorkshire terriers. I tool around almost gracefully in my power chair, which I use to mitigate the mobility restrictions created by my disability.

We will either find a way, or we will make one.

– Hannibal Barca

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