A Beginning

I write a lot of long, involved posts on FB. And I thought maybe I’d give myself a bit more control. And take a little from them – for all the reasons I think are obvious. So instead I’d like to be able to just direct y’all here. Meanwhile an introduction if you’re new.

I am from a small town in Oklahoma, Ardmore. I live in San Antonio now and while I’m sure there are assumptions you may be making based on those facts, I’m not sure either actually reveals much about me. I’m not of those places, except insofar as I stand, and have stood, in opposition to them. Like I’m not into horses and never wanted a pony. Other issues are somewhat more heavy, like racism. I’m impatient with most white people where it comes to our ridiculous privilege.

I am married, have been for a long while, and am quite happy with it. I have no children, but Yorkshire terriers who I consider both kids and co-workers. I am a disabled person (and if you think you prefer “person who is disabled” or some construction like that, I am happy to explain the social model of disability and refer you to some materials) physically limited in mobility by my impairments. I use a power chair and would vastly prefer that you both see me & acknowledge me. The first is easier for both of us, the second a treat for me.

For the record, I am politically liberal. I am relatively conservative, I suppose, in my personal choices and by birth as I am cis gendered, straight, white, a woman, monogamous, and 46. I have no tattoos or radical body modifications or plastic surgery. Kind of like where I have and do live, I’m not probably what you think I am – I’ve never liked the name “Karen,” btw. (I’ve been occasionally known as Bill which I prefer.) Because I embrace people who are the utter opposite of me, in every way, not because I “don’t see color” or some bullshit like that, but because I see all the colors and they are all gorgeous and legit.

I don’t mind disagreement where reasonable people can disagree. I am also agnostic with spiritual inclinations and a Catholic background. By all means, you are welcome to your faith or lack thereof. And you can tell me about your faith – right up until you try to tell me it’s right for me and/or that I am going to be punished in your afterlife. We’re simply not going to engage on that front. I don’t mind if you are politically conservative as long as you are a loyal, truthful, person of integrity, and have not supported trump. (Yes, I know all about capital letters and proper nouns. It’s a choice.)

I believe a few simple things. Women are so capable and so capable of being funny. Men are so capable of being decent and kind and expressive of tender feelings. The things that ultimately matter are love, joy, and hope – and that to feel any of them, you must have courage.


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